Six Things I Learned Today

1. The pancreas does not have Eyelets. It has Islets (of Langerhans).

2. When a nurse says, "I just spoke to the doctor on the phone, and he is on his way up right now", that means the doctor will be there in about two hours.

3. When someone comes into your son's hospital room and introduces herself as both a Doctor and a Nurse (I kid you not, her business card shows her name as Dr. <whatever>, ARNP), and also hands you a fake baseball card with information about her, you can safely ignore everything she says and just smile and nod until she leaves the room.

4. If your sister mentions on Facebook that she is baking cookies, and you respond favorably, and you have an awesome wife, you might just come home to find a plate of cookies on your desk.

5. Ben has multiple stones in his pancreas, and the reason the doctor could not remove the other ones is because the one big one is blocking the entire main pancreatic duct and so he can't reach the others. It will take 2-4 more surgeries, one every six weeks or so, in order to break down the big stone and then remove all of the others.

6. When multiple doctors and nurses tell you your son is definitely being released from the hospital today, don't believe them until they actually hand you the discharge paperwork.



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