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Back in the day I kinda-sorta blogged on Livejournal. Then I moved to Dreamwidth. Then I pretty much went all Twitter and Facebook. This is my new permanent blog.

SW2K - The Whole Story

Before I start the actual story, I need to specifically thank three people who made this all happen. Carl Bond is the Area Manager for Entertainment at Epcot, and it was his initial involvement that got the ball rolling. Without his help none of this would have ever happened. Scott Cook is Carl's counterpart at the Magic Kingdom, and he jumped into action as soon as Carl contacted him. Finally, David Storm is one of the lead Dream Team members at the Magic Kingdom. He really took this story to heart, and created an event that so far exceeded our wildest imagination that I cannot even begin to thank him enough. All three of them will be getting personal letters of thanks from us this week, both directly and to their supervisors so that they can get the recognition they deserve. Yesterday was simply an amazing day all around, a piece of magic that neither Ben nor the rest of our family will ever forget.

SW1K - The Full Story

Buckle up, folks, this is going to be a long one.

Last weekend between Saturday and Sunday, Ben rode Snow White's Scary Adventures 33 times - bringing his running total to 987 and effectively ensuring that this weekend would see his 1000th ride.  Everybody was very excited about this but Ben, who probably thinks in binary and doesn't see any particular value in the number 1111101000.

Ben and Snow White

Ben and Snow White

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